The Bravest Warriors.

The bravest warriors to me, are well, they’re like the courageous  battlers, our parents. The movie we watched talked about this a lot. it’s essentially about 4 kids who are in space and their relationships with each other as well as the roles they have to take on after the loss of their parents in the see-through zone.

One of the main relationships I’d like to focus on is that of the girl and her father. Appearing quite authoritarian, as he expects a lot from her we see her always treating him with respect and complying to his demands, even when it’s against her principles. I’m talking about Beth and her dad, Ralph Waldo Pickle Chips, who has become completely estranged and very much insane after he got lost in the see-through zone and became a servant of the Aeon Worm (never doubt the worm). We see how she deals with the loss (sleeping with her paralysed horse) and how she deals with his toxic alliance to the worm.

danny, beth, wallow, chris and robochris

danny, beth, wallow, chris and robochris

hella good coping.

hella good coping.

The show also highlights incorrect coping abilities and dealing with problems using terms like “THROW A BLANKET OVER IT!” to hide them from their problems. Another example is how Danny dealt with Jellykid’s death, almost developing a split personality to replace Jellykid.



One of the characters I found most interesting was actually Danny, just because he seems so confident and happy all the time, despite his childhood where he was bullied and forced to throw up on everything by Hans Christian Teet Phanters, the leader of the hacker gang.

that's hans christian teet phanters up there in the control tower and young danny puking on his grammy. :I

that’s hans christian teet phanters up there in the control tower and young danny puking on his grammy. :I

He never seems to let anything get him down for long. His childhood experiences also probably gave him his drive to succeed, allowing him to create a time machine and to go back to tell his younger self some useful advice.



He’s also optimistic even when he’s surrounded by the space chickens and his eyelids have been seared off saying “I’ feel as fresh as the Dicken’s!”. He does however have some problems controlling his moop, but he’s going for moop management classes so at least, he’s taking the first step towards recovery ( to admit your problems).

well, let me just end with this.




This must’ve confused you guys so much hahahaha.

i did the proper post about last week’s movie “parenthood” it’s the post right before this one so please check that out alright?

😀 please don’t hate me or minus my marks. know that I am eternally grateful for your reading my posts and grading us and everything. Muchos gracias hombres. Also it wasn’t meant to be this long, but I got a little carried away ahaha :I ok. (done in 10 minutes at 11.40am) and don’t judge me too much, i couldn’t think of anything more ridiculous than this. We just felt like we had to do something for April Fools this year hahaha

i now question my choices in relax-time shows…yeah ok.


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